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What will it cost me?

Our fee is completely fixed. If you meet our criteria, you get the headline price of £995+VAT. If you don’t meet our criteria, we can’t assist you (only exception being some limited director loan situations).


The two direct disbursements are:

Statutory advertising – expect £257.55+VAT for these. This is for three separate advertisements in the Gazette, making required public notices of the liquidation.

Bond – this is effectively an insurance policy, protecting your funds against malpractice by us whilst under our control. Prices for this vary with the net asset value, but will typically be from £55-275. There is no VAT on the bond.

Please note these costs are payable to third parties independent of ourselves. Their prices do fluctuate and are beyond our control. We keep our eye on these markets to ensure we’re getting you competitive rates to help you retain as much of your cash as possible.

Witnessing of your signature

In addition, a solicitor (any qualified solicitor) will need to witness your signature on the Declaration of Solvency, and also certify that your copy photo ID is a true likeness of you.

Costs will vary, so ring around a few local firms. You’re not getting any legal advice, literally just confirmation it was you that signed a document, so expect to pay perhaps £10-50 for this.


VAT is chargeable on our fee and advertising disbursement. Most of our clients will have been on the flat rate scheme, and even when they weren’t, the hassle and additional delays caused by attempting to recover ~£200 in VAT means that we do not attempt to recover the VAT in the rare circumstances where we might be able to.


All in costs including VAT tends to end up being £1,500 – £1,800 dependent upon net assets, unless the net asset figure is particularly high (eg >£500k).