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How so cheap

There are several reasons why we can afford to offer the service at such a cheap price:

  1. New market – Perhaps no longer a “new market” as such given it’s been an option since 2012, but it meant the volume of simple liquidations increased significantly. By capitalising on this market quickly, and offering the service widely, we can deal with cases in sufficient numbers to help us keep prices low.
  2. Simple balance sheets – The service is specifically aimed at companies with simple balance sheets. You and your accountant will already have done the job of tidying the balance sheet to just leave cash at bank.  Specifically, we don’t have the time consuming work involved with realising assets like stock or debtors, or in agreeing and settling any residual liabilities.
  3. Utilising online technology – We do as much as possible online, minimising travel/postage costs.  Unfortunately the legislation doesn’t enable the entire process to be completed online, but these steps are kept to a minimum.
  4. No referral fees – We don’t pay introducers’ fees or commissions to accountants, IFAs, or anyone else recommending us to their clients.  Our fees are entirely transparent, and are not inflated in any way.
  5. Fixed fee for fixed criteria – We have a one size fixed fee, based on clients meeting certain criteria.  We don’t assess your situation, work out what you can afford to pay, and quote accordingly.  If you meet our criteria, you can benefit from our cheap price.

Despite our low price, we do use highly qualified staff to ensure the process runs smoothly and efficiently, and isn’t allowed to drag on.  We genuinely believe you will not receive a better quality of service if you’re paying considerably more for it to a big local firm.